Thursday, November 20, 2014

So far so good- Plum Paper Planner

I ordered my Plum Paper Planner on Nov. 11. I customized it to all heck, changed the colors on the cover, had no year put on the top, added three months so it would go from January 2015- March 2016. Added extra notes pages and a cover proof. Recently, posters on the Facebook groups have been mentioning a great turn around time at PP. Well sure enough, they have so far been right.

Only nine days after ordering, I received my cover proof. Now when you order, they told me it would take 2-3 weeks. Nine days is not 2-3 weeks. Of course shipping will probably take forever as shipping across country from CA to CT usually is (PP ships UPS and then it transfers to USPS). I don't even mind. The turn around on Plum Paper's side was wonderful. I loved being able to see the custom colors before ordering and confirming I liked it before it was printed. The process of checking the proof, me submitting a small change and getting the second proof was minutes. So far dealing with Plum Paper has been a wonderful experience.

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