Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Not planner related: Adult coloring book

Yesterday I discovered Johanna Basford and her book, Enchanted Forest. The second book in her line of coloring books (Secret Garden was the first), the book is huge and full of eye catching, fun designs to color away. (The book is currently sold out on Amazon, but I found it in stock at Barnes and Noble for $15. I would call or reserve online before you head to the store just in case though!)

It's not your child's coloring book. The book is full of tiny, exact lines that are best drawn on with Staedtler Triplus Fineliners (0.3mm). It also contains a scavenger hunt with different animals and shapes. (I found a 10 pack of the pens at Staples for $17. The pens are also a favorite for planners!)

The best part? It's extremely stress relieving. I find I don't think about anything else except the colors, line and design while I'm coloring. It's a huge relief from the "real world." The book is endless, with a large span of designs that will easily take months (maybe years) to finish. It's an incredible, endless task that is great for people who can't draw to get some kind of an art experience.

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