Saturday, December 6, 2014

A few days into the PPP

Although my planner doesn't start until January 2015, I decided I should post some thoughts of post out of the box feelings.

1) I will probably be decorating this planner LESS than the ECLP. I find myself keeping it more professional and with the hour blocks, I have more room to be productive and less room to feel like wasting.

2) I started using the Notes section on the left bottom for my weekly budget.

3) The checklist boxes at the bottom of each day of the week is great. I use them for medications, paying bills, people to call, etc.

4) I use the monthly view more. I started to see the monthly view as it's intended which is as an overview of the month. I color coded things and can see the overall picture of my month better. I'm definitely using the monthly more to its ability than the monthly on the ECLP.

5) I LOVE the paper. I find myself wanting to just feel it and write on it more.

6) It takes Frixion pens well, but as Frixions are, there is a shadow of what you had written when you go to erase.

7) The spiral is the EXACT same as the ECLP. There really isn't a difference.

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