Friday, December 5, 2014

Plum Paper Planner review

Tonight I received my Plum Paper Planner. Opening the box I was so excited! I had found that the Erin Condren's morning afternoon evening format really just didn't work for me so I was excited about the hourly format of the PPP. Also, the ECLP starts at $50 however the PPPs begin at $31 and that includes any customization to the cover. You only pay to add months, extra notes pages, etc and even that it doesn't come close to Erin Condren's $15 charge for a font change or color change on your cover!

I ordered my PPP on Nov. 11, shipped the 20th and received Dec. 4 on the east coast. 

The PPPs now ship 100% in boxes. They are in a plastic slip along with bubble wrap. I had custom colored my cover (as in my previous post.) 

The PPPs have a heavy card stock cover covered by a translucent frosted sheet. 

First impressions: the cover is very sturdy. The paper is smooth and a bit sleeker than with the Erin Condren. It also seems more like a book to me with no plastic envelope in the back screwing up the shape of the planner. 

This is the first page. You have your usual this planner belongs to and then an at a glance calendar. 

My planner runs from January 2015 to the end of March 2016 or 15 months. 

Each month has it's own tab. The colors in the PPP are more muted and to me, more mature, than the ECLP. I'm much more of a fan of the more understated design and color rather than a planner filled with quotes, designs and vibrant colors. You then have your notes page and monthly view. 

On the side are spots for birthdays, events and notes. Each block is unlined and gray. Holidays are noted.

I ordered the hourly format. PPP has the hourly format, just lines, just lined paper, morning afternoon and evening and a new horizontal format to choose from. 

At the end of the planner is a section of notes pages. I added extra pages. 

Also at the end is a contacts page, holidays and keep it folder. Everything in the PPP is customizable and you can add tons of options. There is also a future at a glance calendar. 

(Sorry for the horizontal photos! I will fix them later.)

Thoughts: I love the custom options of the PPP. It feels more tailored to me than the EC. The pages also just feel nicer to me and more heavy duty. 

Exciting news! Plum Paper gave me a discount code for you guys! Use BABE10 at checkout on Etsy to get 10% off!

*In no way has Plum Paper Design sponsored this post. I purchased my planner myself and they simply added the discount code available for readers.

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